Parents tell us what they think about our centre & programs
  • Thank-you for the last 7 years

    “I want to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for all the love, teaching and nurturing you all gave both my boys over the last 7 years. I always say Aryan has excelled at school only thanks to your program. I’m sure Rohan will do just as well at school as he takes so much learning with him from your program. ~Neha 2020”

    — Lisa 2019
    Oliver is doing exceptionally well

    “Dave and I just wanted to say a BIG thank-you! Oliver is doing exceptionally well this year in prep. I can definitely say that it is part due to your program. His maths and reading are ahead of where he should be for a 6 y/o- his teacher is amazed. This is a true testament of your work and I’m so grateful for being referred to your program. PS- I tell EVERYONE I come across about your program.”~ Afroditi 2020

    — Lisa 2019
    Amazingly rich program

    Thank-you for the amazing rich program that you offer Alessia at Lively Learning. Franca and Anita are brilliant in their teaching and supporting of each child.

    — Lisa 2019
    So happy I made the decision to enrol my daughter

    Matisse is absolutely loving Lively Learning – she bounces out of bed on a Tuesday morning and can’t wait to get there. She’s so eager to learn and I’m so happy that I made the decision to enrol her!

    — Angela 2019
    Thank you so much for the wonderful program

    The Multiple Intelligence Program is wonderful program packed full of great learnings and interactions! We’ll be sad to say goodbye at the end of term 1.

    — Giulia 2018
    Ensured solid foundations

    Just the other day we were with friends at a play centre and we were discussing the benefits of attending kinder and playgroup/learning sessions to “kick start” children’s learning and we ALWAYS recall our wonderful sessions at Lively Learning. How vibrant, stimulating and engaging your programs were. This year Katia is in grade 3 and she is doing exceptionally well in Literacy & Numeracy. In some areas of her learning she is 12-18 months ahead of her peers. So I often reflect on what Katia was already able to do before she started school and am most certain the and activities/tasks she participated in at Lively Learning really ensured she had solid foundations for learning and achieving at school.

    — Angela
    A world of good

    Rylee really enjoyed her time at Lively Learning and was always eager to go. She is very confident now and it will do her the world of good going into Prep next year.

    — Shelly 2018
  • Wonderful teachers

    Just want to thank you and your wonderful teacher Rita for all your hard work. Marius had become so interested in reading and numbers since coming to Lively Learning. His kinder just doesn’t offer that. Next year he will be going to pre-prep, sadly he won’t be able to come back but I thank you for giving him a great start in literacy and numeracy!

    — Lisa 2019
    As soon as I walked in I knew it was right

    Eva had her trial class today & I thought it was fantastic. As soon as I walked in & met the teachers I knew it was right for Eva. I would definitely like to go ahead with enrolment & would like to start next week if possible.

    — Lizzie 2018
    A wonderful program

    Thank you for all the support and help that you and the teachers have given me and my family these past few years. It was great knowing that Darlene loves coming to Lively Learning and she was always coming home happy. I think last Wednesday was harder on me than on Darlene when I finally realised that Darlene is going to school full time and not coming back to Lively Learning. Thank you so much for the wonderful program at Lively Learning. You all truly love kids and are wonderful at making the kids learn without the stress of studying. We wish you success and thank you again.

    — Lorene 2019
    A great program

    So glad Stevie got to have a term with Lively Learning in the Read, Write & Count Program. She’s picked up so much. Well done on a great program! Keep up the amazing job! We are looking forward to the last class this Monday.

    — Inez 2018
    My son learnt so much

    William loved your program! He learnt so much and always looked forward to his session!

    — Stacey 2018
  • Thank you to your entire team

    Thank you to your entire team especially Rita and Anita. They have been very encouraging to Hurshul and he has thoroughly enjoyed his sessions. I’m sure he will miss Lively Learning very much.

    — Trishna 2017
    My son is always excited about attending

    My son was two when he started Lively Learning’s Multiple Intelligence class and he loved it and he is still ‘excited’ about attending the weekly sessions. It’s been wonderful to see him participate, learning and developing in all the activities offered at Lively Learning. It is also a great way to meet other children and their families

    — Paula 2017
    A burst in my daughter's development

    We have absolutely loved the term in Franca’s class and I have seen a great burst in my daughters development from the lessons. Yianna is getting so much out of it.

    — Renee 2017
    An enormous benefit

    Lively Learning has been an enormous benefit to my daughter Manuela and has without a doubt enhanced her development. She has been attending the Read, Write and Count class since she was 3 (she’s almost 5 now) and absolutely loves it . As a parent I’m really impressed with the LL program. It is a great way to introduce kids to learning early reading, writing & numbers before they start school. The class teachers & helpers are all such lovely people who gel well with the kids. I particularly love hearing about Manuela’s progress week to week. I cannot recommend Lively Learning enough

    — Angela 2017
    Fun and educational

    Thank-you for making my son’s learning experience both fun and educational, thank you for all your hard work and years of experience in early childhood. You have made learning lots of fun through role play, music and so much more. Considerable thought has been put into planning both the discovery room and group programme which engages the senses and the mind.

    — Christine 2017
  • My daughter has learnt to participate and listen

    My child really enjoys Lively Learning as there are so many activities to choose from. She has gained the knowledge to participate and to listen at the appropriate times. The structure and routine of each class is great and predictable for the children. I wouldn’t have returned with my second child if it wasn’t so great. Well done. 

    — Melissa 2017
    A foundation for starting school

    My son Gabriel absolutely loves his time at Lively Learning every week. He responds so well to the warm environment and his instructors. I feel that his school readiness class has been just another strong directive for his foundation into starting school next year. Thank you !

    — Harry 2017
    Lively Learning has helped with confidence

    Lively Learning has helped James with his confidence; and to develop his fine motor and gross motor skills. The structured program runs smoothly and is a fun lesson. The equipment, toys and accessories are excellent ! Thank-you Lively Learning for 75 minutes of fun-filled excitement and education.

    — Guilia 2017
    Wonderful memories of the program

    I have many memories of my boys at your wonderful program that I will always cherish as they continue to grow.

    — Nasi 2017
    Attending for the last six years

    I have been bringing my kids here for the last 6 years! I’m sad that my middle child is going to school next year and will no longer be attending lively learning. I will be back with my youngest when she is a bit older!

    — Jaime 2017
  • Excellent teachers

    Excellent teachers, very patient! I leart a lot from Sophia as well.

    — Jaili 2017
    A fantastic program

    Thank you Lively Learning for providing activities to help my grandson learn new skills and concepts. Recently our teacher led an activity on colours which made me realise that my grandson didn’t know his colours. Since then I have used the toys and games on the colour concept table in the playroom to help him learn about colours and we have practised at home using the tips and guidance given by our class teacher. A fantastic program

    — Maria 2017
    Thank you to everyone

    Noah will not be attending in 2018 as he will be starting Prep. Please thank everyone who has helped Noah develop. Maria and I have seen Noah grow in leaps and bounds since starting lively learning. We recommend you guys to everyone

    — Bevan 2017
    Confidence to start school

    Lively Learning has provided my child with confidence in starting school; preparation for school work and school; and a variety of structured and open ended activities which has helped her develop her thinking skills and learning to be independent. My daughter has also learnt how to read, write, sound letters, and learnt about numbers.

    — Annie 2016
    Assisted with my daughters reading and writing

    We often think of our wonderful time at Lively Learning and treasure our beautiful memories. I am most certain our time at Lively Learning assisted Katia to be where she is at with her reading and writing.

    — Angela 2016
  • So many benefits

    Olivia has benefited from Lively Learning in the following areas:
    • Building friendship, confidence, motor skills (climbing and dance) and listening
    • In particular the structured learning has taught her how to be patient; learn about sharing; and has engaged her though song and dance. Our class teacher was great. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank-you.

    — Josie 2016
    I was gobsmacked!

    You will never believe it… After almost a year since Luke stopped Lively Learning, we were reading his most favourite book, The Hungry Caterpillar (which he can recite verbatim). We were on the second last page and as we read together: “…he built a small house, called a….” Luke interjects with ‘chrysalis’. I nearly fell off the couch! We’ve read this book many times and this was the first time he has ever recalled the word ‘chrysalis’ which he heard on your reading of the story. I was gobsmacked! I think that says it all about how beneficial the Lively Learning program is and how much Luke enjoyed his time with you. I am now looking forward to starting Lively Learning with my daughter.  

    — Elisa 2016
    A dedicated and caring group of teachers

    I can not speak highly enough of Sophia and the team at Lively Learning. They are dedicated and caring group of teachers. My son who has ASD needs a lot of extra time and patience. They took the extra time for him and it was truly wonderful!!! It gave him so much confidence and ready to start his prep year next year. I highly recommend Lively Learning!!!!

    — Sue 2016
    Henry couldn't wait to come back

    Henry couldn’t wait to come back to Lively Learning after his very first class. Lively Learning really stimulated an interest in Henry to learn the alphabet, sounds, numbers and writing. He looked forward to his class every week. I feel that Lively Learning really helped in getting Henry ready for school.

    — Amanda 2016
    Great results

    I’m amazed at how quickly my son has picked up the first letters sounds and can match pictures to the correct letters. He only just started the program four weeks ago. Attending the Multiple Intelligence Program for younger children where my son began to learn the letters sounds seems to have been very beneficial. Thanks for a fabulous, fun learning program.

    — Maria 2016
  • A great environment for my daughter

    Lively Learning provides Katia with a great environment – very stimulating; physical activity; parent/child time together; and socialisation.

    — Aurelia 2016
    socially more confident

    It’s great one on one time with my daughter and I believe Lively Learning has helped her confidence socially. The activities are excellent and there’s lots of variety

    — Rhonda 2016
    Learning from new activities and creating new relationships

    Lively Learning provided a great opportunity for my child to explore and learn from new activities; and to develop new relationships. We have been at Lively Learning for six straight years with three kids. It is a wonderful to see how each child approached the same opportunity differently. We will all miss Lively Learning.

    — Jane 2016
    Inspiring learning

    Just some feedback that we are thoroughly enjoying and getting so much out of the Multiple Intelligence sessions for my son! I think the lessons are informative, well thought-out and inspire so much learning. Caleb is not yet two, but his level of communication has really advanced for his age which I believe is an outcome from your classes. He is almost talking in sentences which as really impressed my husband and I. In addition our class teacher is a wonderful teacher. She understands how the children behave and learn at his age, and acts upon those opportunities. We love attending Lively Learning. It has been great.

    — Geraldine 2016

    This multiple intelligence program is fantastic! My 2 y/o loves Lively Learning and looks forward to Friday mornings with Sophia! He loves the songs, the reading and letter phonetics. Highly recommended.

    — Afroditi 2016
  • A place for children to blossom

    Great environment for any child to blossom teachers lovely.

    — Mahsa 2016
    Fun and educational

    An amazing program! Fun and very educational – both my children have loved it! The teachers are wonderful too.

    — Rita 2016
    Has learnt so much at a young age

    Since starting my son in Lively Learning at 16 months of age I have been surprised at how he has taken to the class structure, routine and activities. He is very engaged and follows instructions and dance moves. It has made me realise how capable he is of understanding and learning even at this young age. Lively Learning has also given me ideas on how to interact, play and teach Johnny new activities and develop interests.

    — Leah 2016