Terms & Conditions

For all Lively Learning Enrolments
  • Enrolment is conditional upon acceptance of the following:


    Parents/ Guardians are required to supervise, and have the total responsibility for the care and safety, of their child(ren) at all times whilst they are attending the Multiple Intelligence Lively Learning Program.

    Never leave your child unattended on the gym equipment or be distracted by having a chat to a friend. Your child can fall in a second.

    Be aware that some parts of the gym circuit may not be appropriate to your child’s stage of development.

    Lively Learning is a nut free centre. Please do not bring any food containing nuts.

    Children under 3yrs need to be closely supervised by parents/guardians in the playroom as some activities have small parts and are not recommended for children under the age of three.



    A non-refundable deposit of $50, or the full term payment, must be paid by the second last week of a current term to secure your child’s place in a class for the following term. If you opt to pay only the deposit, the term fee balance needs to be paid by Week 1 of the new term.

    A child’s place in a class is not secured until payment of the full term fees has been made prior to, or at, your child’s first class of a term.

    A discount of 10% applies to the fee of a child for families who have second or third child enrolled in the program at the same time or for a child who is enrolled in more than one class. The 10% discount applies to the class fee of the lowest amount(s).

    A child can be enrolled on a casual basis (i.e. pay as you attend) if the child’s family is about to welcome a newborn during the term. Please contact Sophia to request a casual attendance.

    Siblings over 13 months attending Lively Learning regularly need to be enrolled in the program.

    Enrolment is on-going until you notify Lively Learning that your child is not continuing. Failure to notify Lively Learning that your child is not enrolling in the following term, could result in a late notification fee as a place would have be held for your child and therefore not available for another child to take.

    Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or direct debit.

    Please put exact cash payment in an envelope and place in the centre deposit box. Cheques are payable to Lively Learning.

    Internet banking details are as follows:

    • ACCOUNT NAME: Lively Learning
    • BSB NO: 033-028
    • ACCOUNT NO: 251427
    • In the internet transaction, please record your child’s full name as the reference.

    If payment of fees is not received for services provided, Lively Learning reserves the right to impose a $10 late fee payment and an additional 10% fee for each week payment is not received.

    As a bonus, a child enrolled in a Read, Write and Count class can attend their younger sibling’s Multiple Intelligence class for free UNLESS there is not a place available in the class. Also, if initially there is a space in a class for the older sibling to attend for free but then the older sibling is taking the last space wanted by a paying customer, the family with the older sibling will be given the first option to pay for their older child to continue to attend.



    There are no discounts or refunds for classes missed, however you can book in for a make-up class.

    To book a make-up session refer to the Term Timetable for available classes and request a class and date by contacting Sophia: 0425 865 479, [email protected]. You will then be notified if there is availability.

    Missed sessions need to be made up in the term they were missed, unless otherwise negotiated. Please note that if your child is away for a prolonged time due to illness or other special circumstances, please speak with Sophia.

    If you are unable to attend your session, please notify Sophia so that other families can do make-up lessons.

    Lively Learning is closed on school and public holidays, unless otherwise notified.



    If your child’s class falls on a day of a public holiday, please book in for a make-up class as there are no deductions or discounts given.



    Those who have expressed interest in a class according to the timeline given, will be given the following priority if places are limited in a class:

    • 1st preference is given to a child currently enrolled in the class.
    • 2nd preference is given to siblings of a child in the class.
    • 3rd preference is given to a child currently enrolled in a class but wants to change class.


    • A child who wants a new class on the same day as their current class has priority over a child wanting a new class on another day.
    • The age of a child will be considered if all other variables are the same between two children wanting the same class.
    • 4th preference is given to a child of a family who has previously attended Lively Learning.
    • 5th preference is to a child from a family who are new to Lively Learning and according to the waiting list order.



    Parents must not bring children who are unwell.

    Lively Learning reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any child it may consider inappropriate for the program.

    A parent may be asked to stay with their child in the Clever Kids Program.