Read, Write & Count

For Ages 3 - 5 Years
  • What Will My Child Learn?

    What your child needs to learn to advance his/her skills. Unlike other school readiness programs, we don’t teach the same content to all children of a class. Instead we develop a personalised learning plan for every child. 

    ‘Educational researchers have known for decades that a student learns best when teaching is targeted to what she is ready to learn. If the material is too easy, students can become bored and disengage. If it is too hard, students will flounder and may choose to misbehave or give up rather than face continued failure. In either case, little is learnt. But if teaching is targeted at what students are ready to learn, powerful progress can be made.” (Goss, Hunter, Romanes & Parsonage, 2015) Teacher Magazine

  • Content Overview

  • Reading

    • To recall letter sounds​
    • To hear the initial sound of a word
    • To read three letter words and short stories
  • Handwriting

    • To write his/her name
    • To write alphabet letters in the Victorian cursive font as taught in Victorian primary schools
    • To hold a pencil correctly
    • To cut and paste
    • To manipulate small construction materials to develop hand and finger muscles essential for handwriting
  • Maths Concepts

    • To sort and compare amounts and measurements
    • To develop a concept of more, less, and the same as
    • To develop effective and efficient strategies to count collections
    • To discover relationships between numbers eg 3 + 1 = 2 + 2
    • To connect number names, numerals and quantities
    • To recognise digits 0-9 and beyond​
  • Why Our Program?

  • Children really do advance

    • I just wanted to write to you to give some feedback on how Bailee is going in the Read, Write and Count class. She absolutely loves it! I am so amazed with her progress and how much she has learnt in just a few weeks! I wish we had of heard of Lively Learning before this so I could have enrolled her earlier. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful program.’  ~ Nadia​   More Testimonials

    Qualified primary school teachers

    • Our expert, passionate teachers are experienced teachers who have taught in primary schools so they know what learning is necessary to provide your child with a solid foundation to starting school​​.

    We cater for all abilities

    • Activities are tailored to your child’s stage of development, so that learning is never too easy or too hard but just right to advance your child’s skills.

    Not just reading, writing and counting

    • Your child will learn about the world around them through eight themes of a two year curriculum cycle. ​
      For example in our ‘Children of the World’ theme, it is
      purposefully planned that the class letter/sound and handwriting
      focus is the letter ‘m’ for Mexicans playing maracas in the week
      we ‘visit’ Mexico.​
    • Children are eager to be selected to be the star of the weekly mini-role play; and whilst he/she is gaining confidence in front of a group, much laughter and joy is had by the audience.
    • Your child will learn to be independent of you, to follow teacher instructions and to build friendships with others in their group.
    • There is opportunity during the session for your child to engage in thematic sensory and imaginatie play essential for all young children.

    Initial assessment of your child

    • A brief, informal assessment is done upon enrolment to gauge your child’s learning starting points in early reading, handwriting and number.

    Small group instruction

    • Up to three children of similar ability are called together each week for focused teaching in reading, handwriting and number​.

    Whole group instruction

    • This provides opportunities for children with different abilities to learn from each other, and to practise skills essential to all​.

    On-going assessment of your child

    • The class teacher records weekly on-going assessment of your child’s progress.
    • An end of unit assessment is also taken to provide added data of student progress which is then used to determine future learning goals for your child​

    Reporting your child’s progress

    • Your child’s class teacher is available to discuss your child’s progress at the end of a session
    • We will make contact with you however if our records indicate your child is not progressing
    • We’ll also look out for you at the end of a session to share exciting shifts in your child’s learning
    • Matisse is absolutely loving Lively Learning – she bounces out of bed on a Tuesday morning and can’t wait to get there. She’s so eager to learn and I’m so happy that I made the decision to enrol her!

    • Thank-you for the amazing rich program that you offer Alessia at Lively Learning. Franca and Anita are brilliant in their teaching and supporting of each child.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful program at Lively Learning. You all truly love kids and are wonderful at making the kids learn without the stress of studying. We wish you success and thank you again.

  • Free Introductory Class

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  • Term Fees

    • 3-5 yrs

      Start school with confidence

      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Numeracy
      • Confidence
      • Independence
      $35.00Per 60min Session