Multiple Intelligence Program

For Ages 16 months to 4 years
Child to be accompanied by an adult
  • About The Program+ Why Early Learning is Vital

    Our program for early learners is about developing the foundations of a healthy well rounded child, with multiple skills for learning and understanding themselves and the world around them. The Multiple Intelligence program is taught over two years. During the program your child will develop:

    • Mind and physical body skills appropriate to their stage of development
    • Self-expression through language, music, art and dance
    • Awareness about themselves as they play, learn and interact
    • Confidence around peers and adults, and to star in front of a group
    • An ability to follow intructions and routines 
    • Skills, knowlege and understandings about their world
  • What will my child learn?

    • Language

      Your child will learn language and communication skills, including letters, sounds and their own name.

    • Physical Confidence

      Your child will learn physical skills and body awareness through climbing, dancing and physical play.

    • Sensory Integration

      Your child will learn to process a broad range of sensory information using their five senses.

    • Maths/Logic

      Your child will learn about counting, shapes, colours, measurements and critical thinking.

    • Self-Expression

      Your child will learn to create and imagine through movement, role play, art and sensory play.

    • About Themselves, Others & The World

      Your child will learn to interact alongside and with others, and develop skills, knowledge and understandings of our world through our eight engaging, high interest term themes.

  • Learning Goals

  • How will my child learn?

    Parental Participation is an important part of our early learning program for toddlers.

    Parents, families and carers are some of the most important influences on a child’s education. Learning with your child has been found to build positive associations and better educational outcomes in the long term.

    Australian Department of Education advice on Parent Engagement in Children’s Learning.

    Active Engagment is the key to our early learning programs. A child’s brain grows and develops fastest before the age of three.

    In our program your child will actively engage in a broad range of activities and games that stimulate neuronal connections that are critical in early development to enable your child to think, learn and move efficiently.

    Sensory Stimulation teaches children how to make sense of the world around them and is critical in development.

    Through our early learning program for toddlers, children practice receiving sensory information and develop confidence perceiving and making sense of their environment. This helps to build pathways betweens nerves within the brain which are essential for cognitive growth, language development and motor skills.

    High Interest Themes get children engaged and ground learning.

    Key to the early learning program for toddlers is using fun and child-focussed themes throughout each term to assist with memory and new learning. Children discover and explore new skills through an unfolding narrative.

    For example: One of our themes is Teddy’s Surprise, taught across the term. This narrative theme is all about Blue Teddy, who is getting ready for a party, buying a cake, getting dressed and getting to the party. Children practice all sorts of different activities as they explore all the things Blue Teddy does. Children use their imagination, develop language and simple number concepts, learn interpersonal skills, discover rhythm, and explore the world of physical touch and sensations, as Blue Teddy prepares for the party.

    • Matisse is absolutely loving Lively Learning – she bounces out of bed on a Tuesday morning and can’t wait to get there. She’s so eager to learn and I’m so happy that I made the decision to enrol her!

    • Thank-you for the amazing rich program that you offer Alessia at Lively Learning. Franca and Anita are brilliant in their teaching and supporting of each child.

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful program at Lively Learning. You all truly love kids and are wonderful at making the kids learn without the stress of studying. We wish you success and thank you again.

  • Sound
  • Expressions of Interest

    Experience Lively Learning for yourself. Register for post-vaccine classes.

  • Term Fees

    • 16 mths - 21/2 yrs

      For the best start
      (Child/Adult Program)

      • Creativity
      • Gym
      • Music
      • Learning activities
      • Friendship
      $26.50 Per 50min Session
    • 2- 4 yrs

      For the best start
      (Child/Adult Program)

      • As per 16mth- 21/2yrs class
      • Weekly concept development
      • Pre-reading activity
      • Letter/Sound chants
      • Confidence in front of a group
      $26.50Per 50min Session
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I know if my child is ready to attend?

    You can enrol your child in the Multiple Intelligence program from 16 months old. Toddlers starting the program will all be at different levels in their development. This is natural, as all children vary. If you are unsure of whether your child is ready, contact Lively Learning. We also offer a free introductory session to see whether the program is right your child.

    Do I attend with my child?

    As the main influence in a child’s early life, it has been shown that a child learns best when a parent or carer is involved in their learning. The Multiple Intelligence Program requires that a parent, guardian or carer attend each session to learn, guide and bond with the child in their care.

    Can another family member attend?

    Yes. The Multiple Intelligence Program welcomes any parental figure or family member to attend the session to assist with your child’s learning. For the best learning outcomes we recommended that a parental figure who spends a lot of time with your child, is the best person to attend. This is so that learning can be reinforced in the classroom and at home after each session.

  • Is every teacher qualified?

    Yes. All Lively Learning teachers are qualified and experienced in early childhood education.

    How long has the centre been running?

    Living Learning has been delivering the Multiple Intelligence (16mth- 4yrs) and the Read, Write and Count (3-5yrs) early learning programs to Melbourne children for over fourteen years. Sophia has developed a reputation among parents for her outstanding programs and many families have enrolled multiple children in both Lively Learning programs.

    What are the payment options?

    The following payment methods are accepted:
    1. cash (put exact amount in a labelled envelope) or cheque at the centre
    2. direct debit.
    Identify your payment by recording in the banking transaction your child’s full name.

    Westpac Account Details:
    Account Name: Lively Learning
    BSB: 033-028
    Account Number: 251427