Learning Goals - Read, Write & Count: Fun at The Beach

  • Theme: ‘Fun at The Beach’
    ​Get ready to explore the wonders of the beach with Pooh Bear but don’t forget to slip, slop, slap!

    A term theme provide an engaging and meaningful context for students to learn about letters and sounds, to practise handwriting skills and to explore mathematical concepts.

    Individual Learning Goals
    New Students:
    Upon enrolment your child will participate in brief, informal assessment to gauge your child’s individual learning starting points in early reading, handwriting and number.

    Ongoing Students:
    Your child will continue to be assessed regularly to ascertain your child’s progress and future individual learning goals.

  • Class Learning Goals
    Weekly sound and handwriting letter: h u y p t f j n o

    Get your child started learning letter sounds by singing along and doing the actions of these chants:

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