About Our Centre & Staff
  • Foundations in Early Childhood Learning

  • The experiences and relationships formed in early childhood learning play a vital role in enabling children to reach their potential. Our early learning centre in Melbourne has been delivering two early learning programs to families for over thirteen years.

  • The Lively Learning Multiple Intelligence Program (for children 16 months to 4 years) was created to provide children with learning experiences in music, gym, sensory play, art, problem solving, rhymes, stories, colours/shapes/numbers/letter sounds, confidence building and much more through guided learning and group activities. ‘Natural’ strengths, as well as less developed skills, are nurtured to give children the best start. 

    The Lively Learning Read, Write and Number Program (for children 3 – 5 years) was developed in response to a need from parents for a school readiness program, tailored to each child, that would prepare children for the important developmental stage of starting school.

  • Our Early Learning Principles

    • A Broad Curriculum

      Our early learning programs develop the whole child, focusing on intellectual, physical, emotional and social skills that are fundamental for healthy, happy children.

    • Fun & Learning

      Fun is at the heart of our early childhood learning programs. Your child will dance, sing, climb, paint and rhyme, as they are guided through learning activities that prepare them for kinder, school and life.

    • Every Child Is Unique

      Not all children learn at the same rate or have the same strengths. Our program develops individual learning plans for each child, giving all children the opportunity to shine.

    • Knowledge & Experience

      We believe that education should be based on research and experience. All our class leaders are qualified teachers, ensuring that all children get the most qualified attention.

    • Parental participation

      Significant adults in a child’s life are the most important first teachers. On this premise, an adult attends and is a co-teacher of a child in our Multiple Intelligence Program, and works in partnership with the class teacher of a child in our Read, Write and Count Program.

    • Multiple Intelligences

      Like adults, children have different skills and ‘natural’ strengths. Our early childhood learning programs nurture a child’s multiple intelligences, giving them a well-rounded start for success at kinder, school and beyond.

  • Early Learning Programs For Families

    Two programs for children from sixteen months to five years.
    The Lively Learning early learning programs have become a part of many Melbourne families. Many parents return with their second, third and sometimes fourth child – a wonderful testament to the value of our early learning programs.
    • Eva had her trial class today & I thought it was fantastic. As soon as I walked in & met the teachers I knew it was right for Eva. I would definitely like to go ahead with enrolment & would like to start next week if possible.

  • Our Early Learning Centre Teachers

    Our qualified teachers are all experienced in early learning education.
  • Our staff consists of four qualified teachers and two teaching assistants with extensive experience in early learning.

  • Your child will receive the combined experience of over 100 years of early childhood learning knowledge, when they enrol in one of Lively Learning’s programs. Each teacher comes with a range of skills and experience, having worked with children in a variety of learning environments, as well as teaching the Lively Learning programs for many years.

    • Sophia Malios
      Creative Director & Teacher

      Sophia Malios

      Creative Director & Teacher

      Teaching and learning, particularly in literacy and numeracy, has been my life-long passion. I have taught in numerous schools, taught children of various age groups and have undertaken school leadership roles in literacy learning. My avid interest in educating young minds also led me to become qualified as a Reading Intervention Teacher and an Early Years Literacy Coordinator.

      With the right teaching, children can achieve so much. The importance of developing a child’s language, sensory integration and physical body in the early years for future learning success cannot be understated. It was on this premise that the Multiple Intelligence Program was developed. Current and extensive research also shows that a child’s success with phonemic awareness is the best predictor of later reading success. Rhymes, stories and phonics chants are therefore incorporated into a weekly session. Phonemic awareness and phonics, as well as number concepts and handwriting, are taught with an individualised teaching approach in our Read, Write and Count program catering for pre-school children at a beginner, advanced or anywhere in-between stage enabling all children to excel.

      Skills Overview:
      • Qualifications:
        Bachelor of Education & Diploma of Teaching
      • Years Experience:
      • Specialty:
        Reading Recovery Teacher & Early Years Teaching
      • Years at Lively Learning:
    • Rita Bresciano

      Rita Bresciano


      I thoroughly enjoy teaching at Lively Learning.

      I completed a BA/BT at ACU, majoring in Italian. Whilst studying, I worked casually at a childcare centre. Once I graduated as a teacher, I taught Italian to primary school children and then went on to teach at St. Rachael’s Catholic Primary School, mainly teaching in the middle school.

      I left teaching to start a family and now have three beautiful primary school aged children.

      When a teaching position became available at Lively Learning, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to return to the workforce and to work at Lively Learning, where all children shine.

      Skills Overview:
      • Qualifications:
        Bachelor of Teaching & Bachelor of Arts
      • Years Experience:
      • Specialty:
        Early Years Teaching, Italian Major
      • Years at Lively Learning:
    • Franca De Simone

      Franca De Simone


      I am thrilled to be part of the team at Lively Learning! I bring to the program, extensive
      teaching experience both in Primary and Early Years Education.

      Having taught mainly in years Prep, One and Two, I have developed an avid interest and sound knowledge of Literacy and Numeracy within the Early Years. My love of literacy combined with my passion for music led me to take on a role as a presenter with “Hey Dee Ho Music”, where I worked exclusively with children aged between 2 and 4 years of age. I have also had the opportunity to teach an Italian Kindergarten Program, and more recently have volunteered at my local library during Story time sessions.

      I am a mother of an active and inquisitive 5 year old who shares my love of language and music.

      I feel both privileged and excited to be able to help nurture your child’s learning journey.

      Skills Overview:
      • Qualifications:
        Bachelor of Education & Diploma of Teaching
      • Years Experience:
      • Specialty:
        Early Years Teaching
      • Years at Lively Learning:
      Lesson Planning 100 %
    • Lucia Balasso

      Lucia Balasso


      I am an experienced teacher who has worked in a range of Early Childhood and Primary settings including child care, out of school hours care and primary schools. I completed my Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Diploma of Community Services (Children’s services). I am currently teaching part time at St. Gregory the Great Primary School in Doncaster. I have two inquisitive, creative school aged children who share in my love of learning.

      I particularly love working with young children as I value the way they learn about their world and use their language to express themselves. I love to see children develop in an environment that fosters self confidence and social skills like Lively Learning, ”where all children shine.”

      Having worked at Lively Learning in the past, I strongly value the Toddler Early Learning Program and Pre-school Readiness programs and I can’t wait to come back to engage in the teaching and learning program together.

      Skills Overview:
      • Qualifications:
        Teaching degree at Melbourne University
      • Years of Teaching Experience:
      • Specialty:
        Early Years Teacher and Teacher of Students with a Second Language
      • Years at Lively Learning:
    • Jayna Chhagan
      Assistant Teacher

      Jayna Chhagan

      Assistant Teacher

      I am delighted and happy to be a member of the Lively Learning team as an Assistant Teacher.

      I am a mother of two lively and inquisitive boys. It is amazing to see how they learn and grow. I also learn from them – the ideas they have I would have never have thought of!

      As a member of the Lively Learning team I bring my experience of working in schools as a primary teacher in the UK, and more recently volunteering at my childrens’ playgroup, kindergarten and school.

      I hope to sow a seed of enjoyment and learning with you and your children.
      I look forward to meeting you and your little one at Lively Learning soon. ​

    • Anita Cecconi
      Assistant Teacher

      Anita Cecconi

      Assistant Teacher

      Hi Everyone,

      I am excited to be a part of the ‘Lively Learning’ team.

      My background is within the early childhood industry where I worked for the majority of 16 years in long daycare. I am a qualified ‘children’s services officer’ where my roles varied from team leader, to second in charge to the director of a child care centre. I also have experience in holiday programs and before and after school care programs.

      I have two primary school aged boys of my own who love their sports and keep me very busy!

      As an assistant I look forward to meeting you and your child.